Ideate & Innovate

Plastlndia Foundation invites applications from innovators in the Healthcare, Sports, Automotives, Composites, Recycling and 3D Printing segments. The innovation should have used Plastics in some form.

The Conference Committee would review the application and select the top innovation in each segment. The winner would get an opportunity to present his/her work at the conference in front of the who's who of the plastics industry. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not just get your innovation recognized, appreciated but also meet possible investors.

Do ensure that the innovation has made the journey from the mind, paper to the actual product/service and has passed the required tests and trials. The product or the service should be authentic, commercially viable and a solution to a key issue in the listed segments.

The entries should include
  • Details of the Innovator
  • The light bulb moment when s/he thought of the innovation
  • Journey from start to completion
  • Details of the successful tests conducted

For Submission of Your Innovations Please share the above details to