Plastindia Foundation, a not for profit organisation brings together the 10th International Conference...

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Conference Overview

The Leadership and Vision sessions at the Conference will converge our energies on agility and profitability with the focus on enhancing the use of plastics...

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Learn, Excel & Grow at the 10th Plastindia International Conference, it’s the most significant calendar event that every plastic professional must attend...

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Join us, to bring forth the leading “billion dollar” trends in the PLASTICS industry and partner the conference....

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Empowering Sustainable and Profitable Growth

The world is changing rapidly and opportunities are emerging for us to create hugely profitable and sustainable businesses in the realm of plastics. However, the challenges faced by the stakeholders are becoming dynamic in nature prompting each one of us to synchronise with the latest developments and trends in the market. The Plastindia International Conference will lead the way by providing opportunities for all to Learn, Excel and Grow by bringing focus on new technologies and applications that will power growth and value creation. Plastics are the world's dominant material and the conference is a springboard to understand the complexities with greater insights to learn, adapt to market changes, excel in business and ensure sustained longterm growth!

Focus Segments

Plastics in Automotives- Driving Efficiency & Performance

Plastics have been working with the automotive industry since the 1950s, replacing metals to produce lighter yet stronger vehicles using less fuel. There is significant positive impact on aesthetics, aerodynamics, ergonomics, comfort and durability. Pushing towards lighter high performance vehicles with smaller carbon footprint, low centres of gravity and lower cost without compromising on safety and security has become norm. ….

Redefining the Healthcare Paradigm with Plastics

Plastics have integrated themselves into Healthcare and Health Technologies for several decades. Beginning with the ubiquitous blood bags and syringes, the Plastics in Healthcare revolution is now focused on effectively driving healthcare delivery across various frontiers....

Keeping the Planet Healthy & Secure with Recycling

India's thrust on recycling has traditionally been one of the strongest and as we see huge increases in the use of plastics, that focus is becoming sharper. A thorough examination of how we can deploy the latest technologies and techniques to increase recycling and keep the Earth secure for future generations is the need of the hour. …

Pushing Boundaries & Exploring Newer Opportunities with Composites

Over the last few decades, Plastics - based composites have taken the world by storm, helping solve some of mankind's greatest problems. The uses of plastic composites are seen in Transport, Construction, Infrastructure and exploration of hostile environments including Space. Plastics have also played a role in Healthcare, Sports technologies and Electronics.

Plastics in Sports- Faster, Higher, Stronger

Plastics have revolutionized sports and sports equipment in recent years. Modern sports have an increasing reliance on plastics from lighter shoes to sports apparel, to sports safety to sports infrastructure like stadiums. This is an explosively growing market ripe for disruption. ….

3-Dimensional Printing Unlocks a world of Potential

The 3-Dimensional printing revolution is the latest buzz word, making it as easy to manufacture single customized items as mass manufacturing. From printing machine components, to customized prosthetics, to prototypes, to printing a whole house or car, 3-D printing has caused us to look at economies and customization with new eyes. This is arguably the fastest growing technology application globally

Billion Dollar Markets

The Plastindia International Conference has been at the forefront of spotlighting the trends and opportunities...

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Poster Session

The poster session will highlight the activities in various areas of Plastics industry like Composites, 3-D Printing...

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The Innovation Showcase

Plastlndia Foundation invites applications from innovators in the Healthcare, Sports, Automotives, Composites....

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